I describe myself as a 'computer guy'.  For my 'official' on-line resume, click here.

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I have been 'chief cook and bottle washer' at Trantor Standard Systems Inc. since 1992.  Business has grown slowly but steadily over the years and we find more and more that we hire/partner with other people and companies.   However, for the most part it has been just my wife (Alison) and myself over the years. 

[We are outsource suppliers and we believe in our own product.  Whenever possible, we outsource everything.  If you think you can help us with our research, web-sites, software development, whatever -- drop me a line.  We generally have more work than we can do ourselves.  We favour partnership arrangements that allow everyone to prosper from their work.  If you are a serious techno-geek, you might want to take a look at another (more successful) company that has a similar philosophy -- arsdigita.] << Note: There is a long story there. I don't know if they really get the geeky thing anymore. Do your own due diligence.

Trantor has the following activities.  I have played a major role in them all:

During my time with Trantor, I also taught as part-time faculty at Sheridan College (intro computing) and St. Lawrence College (networking). 

Prior to starting Trantor, I worked in IS at Royal Trust/Royal Bank  I worked there in a number of capacities, but most memorable were a few years as the manager of the Product Initiatives Laboratory and a period where I designed and wrote the software for Secure Dial Access to the on-line banking system (yikes!). 

Prior to working with RT/RB, I rattled around cutting my teeth as a programmer analyst with various companies, most notably IBM.  I have tried my hand at pretty much everything computer-related.   

I was first paid to write software in 1982.  Prior to that time, I did many things including work in factories, farms, offices and on the road as a salesman.  The only 'common' job I have not done is work in the restaurant industry. Even then, I did once do odd-jobs for a lunch counter.  My varied background prepared me well to run my own business.  

I obtained a BSc from York University many moons ago, but I am, for the most part, self-taught.  I've taken  the requisite industry courses and received various professional designations too trivial to mention. 

My career aspirations are simple enough.  At this point, I enjoy plying my trade as a 'computer guy' and steering my small company to the next plateau.  I don't expect that lightening will strike and we start generating enormous revenues.   However, the company is well poised to take advantage of any opportunity.  We are soundly capitalized, modestly profitable, growing and have a robust, heterogeneous revenue base.  It's nothing fancy.  However, I make a nice living, I'm optimistic that it will continue to improve and I always have hope for the big score.   Lately, I have been toying with the idea of joining a larger company in some senior technical management capacity.  It's a long-shot that I could improve on my prospects by doing so, but I'm open to suggestions.  Drop me a line if you have something interesting you would like to discuss.